EMVisage FAQ


What is the length of an EMVISAGE® treatment?

The session lasts for just 20 minutes. You can even do it on your lunch break.


What does an EMVISAGE® procedure feel like?

It emulates a facial massage with mild warming sensations and pulsations


Is EMVISAGE® painful?

Certainly not. It offers a soothing experience similar to a hot stone massage


How soon can results be observed after EMVISAGE® treatment?

Results may be noticeable after the first treatment, with optimal outcomes typically seen about 8 weeks post 4th session.


How many treatment sessions of EMVISAGE® do I need?

Typically, the protocol consists of about 8 sessions, with the option to add more as needed


Is there downtime with EMVISAGE®?

Zero downtime is necessary


Can I undergo EMVISAGE® treatment with cheek fillers?

Following 3 weeks post-injection with no tenderness or bruising, it should be considered safe.


Who is the EMVISAGE® procedure suitable for?

The EMVISAGE® procedure is appropriate for all - both females and males.